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Bert Strolenberg in 2007

Welcome to my website dedicated to Electronic Music.

In the past, I’ve been a reviewer and contributor to the Dutch electronic music fanzine KLEM. After that I’ve been journalist of E-dition Magazine, a printed international magazine on electronic music.

After the sad demise of E-dition in February 2007, I decided to take a break from it all. But as you can imagine I still like to share my knowledge and opinion on electronic music where possible.

Sonic Immersion will be the outlet for my reviews, articles and lots more. So please enjoy its content and feel free to let me know your opinion about it through info@sonicimmersion.org

Bert Strolenberg

"Possible Planet" is the zone world album which came to life while Roach was revisiting "Dreamtime Return" before re-mastering it.

The outcome is a long-form living-breathing soundscape album with a solid organic foundation, composed on analogue instruments only.... (read on)

Possible Planet (CD)

Etherea (CD)
Jeffrey Koepper has been making electronic music since 1985 and has played in two groups, Pure Gamma and Immortal respectively, before starting this solo-effort.
During these years he has collected a proper and varied collection of analogue devices and fine synths to finally create this stunning debut.

"Etherea"... (read on)
It took Simon Lomax a.k.a. Maitreya four years to present us with this, his second album, but I must confess that the end result more than makes up for that. The sound of Maitreya has matured, pushing the boundaries... (read on)

Telluric Waves (CD)

Starseed (CD)
Andrew Forrest is a visual artist and musician from Cornwall, UK who lives in New Zealand since 1998.

"Starseed" is the soundtrack to the esoteric film "Merkabah, Voyage of a Starseed", and the second part of the Star-System trilogy, a concept-project which was started in 1992.... (read on)
Walk the Space Avenue
The World of JONN SERRIE

Jonn Serrie live at The Gatherings

"I envision a certain depth, an experience of sound that gives space for the listener to repose. My goal is to combine the elements of space and romance, creating a delicate backdrop to the soul".
This is the philosophy that has propelled composer/producer Jonn Serrie to the forefront of the contemporary instrumental and space music field.

Atlanta-based musician Jonn Serrie grew up in Connecticut, New England. He started into music taking piano lessons for about 8 years, shortly followed by playing the church organ. Like in his own music that would follow later-on, he was more impressed by the textural possibilities than notes. At the age of 25 he stopped playing keyboards and... (read on)
Electronic soundings from the Sonoran Desert
HOWARD GIVENS about the Spotted Peccary label

First of all, what is the Spotted Peccary label all about, how was it established? How hard was it in those days to start from scratch?
Spotted Peccary is an artist-owned label dedicated to the presentation and promotion of mostly instrumental electronic/acoustic music. By that, we mean music that is created through the use of electronic instruments or electronic derived tonalities and augmented with acoustic sounds or instruments, either melodically, or texturally.

Spotted Peccary started in the mid-1980s in Tucson, Arizona. Since the latter 1970s my friends and I had been listening to ambient and electronic forms of music including Carlos, Horn, Jarre... (read on)
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